Webhosting Benchmark Tests Explained

Over the years we've used literally dozens of hosting accounts. Our experience is that they're basically all the same...except the speed!

See the fastest hosting results.
Here's an explaination of what you will see when you benchmark your own server.
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Test Result Image
  • Excellent - Your latest Rating (on this particular test)
    Other Ratings you might on this test:
    • Excellent - 20% and below time difference
    • Good - 21% to 40% time difference
    • Fair - 41% to 60% time difference
    • Poor - 60% and above time difference
  • 7.99 s - Your Server's latest time performance in seconds (on this particular test).
  • Top: 7.99 s - Top time performace seconds ever recorded on all Servers that we have tested.
  • Your Fastest Time: 7.99 s - Your Server's fastest time performance in seconds (on this particular test).

Test your own server and see to how it compares.

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