Over the years we've used literally dozens of hosting accounts. Our experience is that they're basically all the same...except the speed!

See the fastest hosting results.

We test hosting accounts using a couple different metrics:

  1. Apache Speed - we use the ab tool to benchmark your Apache HTTP server. It is designed to give an impression of how an Apache (the web server software) installation performs. This specifically shows how many requests per second a certain Apache installation is capable to serve.
    In lay mans terms, it tells how fast the server is at handling hits to your website.
  2. PHP - The most common use of a shared hosting account is PHP (Wordpress is all done in PHP as well as most other softwares you'll install). We test it using a PHP script that executes number of "for" loops, "while" loops, function calls, and a couple other benchmarking tests.
  3. Real world tests

    Because every hosting account is different, and because every user is different, we test real world scenarios using the following:

    1. Image Download Time
    2. HTML Page Download Time

    We do both of these to get a real world measurement of how fast things work together, and also the network speed for that host. If the hosts network is slow, it doesn't matter how fast the server is, your website will be slow.

  4. If you want to test your hosting account, click here.

We understand that any test like this has problems such as:

  1. When you're testing a "hosting company" you're really testing one of their servers at any given point in time. You're not getting an overall picture of everything. This is why we test numerous times. We want to get an overall picture of what the host is like, not just a single snapshot at one second in time.
  2. Geographic locations of servers come into play with the "real world" download scenarios. We understand that having 2 servers closer to each other will yield faster times. We test from multiple locations so we get a pretty real idea of how fast a hosting company is.

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