Over the years we've used literally dozens of hosting accounts. Our experience is that they're basically all the same...except the speed!

See the fastest hosting results.

Want to know how your web hosting server stacks up?

We'll test your web hosting account and compare it with other accounts we track. Your web hosting account could be costing you in your google rankings.


To test your server,

  1. download the zip file below
  2. unzip it to a directory on your computer
  3. upload the unzipped folder to your website in it's own directory
  4. tell us below what the url of the files is after you've uploaded it.
Simple Installation Instructions Video
fastest webhosting video

We'll run several tests for you measuring the server on which your website sits. If it's slow, it's a good indication that it's time to change web hosts.

fastest webhosting Click here for an explaination of the tests that we do.

Download Client Script and Upload it to your Server.
Once uploaded, visit the [YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS]/wh/client/index.php and hit the button "Start Benchmarking"
Wait until it finishes performing all the tasks.

For more installation instructions,
watch the video on the right.

to not have any malicious intent it only does what we says it does, which is test your Server.
Fill up the form to download the Client Hosting Script

  • e.g. http://www.YourWebsite.com

  • e.g. Hostmonster

You can view your result and other hosting sites here at: http://webhostingspeedtest.com/webhostingspeedtest.com

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