Over the years we've used literally dozens of hosting accounts. Our experience is that they're basically all the same...except the speed!

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One of Google's ranking factors that determines where your website shows up in it's rankings is how fast a website is. Web hosting speed matters!

Our experience is that almost all major web hosting companies are the same except for speed.

  • Most run cPanel
  • Most give you a ridiculous amount of bandwidth
  • Most give you more storage space than you can use
  • Most are similarly priced
  • Most buy a domain for you
  • Most let you host numerous domains
  • Most are compatible with whatever software you want to run
  • Mostly they're the same (and you'd be surprised at how many are actually run by the same company!)

Key differences between web hosts:

  • Speed
  • Support
  • and Uptime (speed is often a pretty good indicator of uptime)

If your web hosting is slow, it can affect you, your users, your google rankings, and your bottom line. Nobody likes to use a slow website!!!

We test web hosts for their speed, so you know before you buy!

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